Sunday, January 13, 2013

Electrical Safety Tips - Restoring Lost Power

Storm Related Electrical Power Outage Safety Tips

Published on by: Mike Daniels

Winter and spring storms are well known for causing power outages. While many of the power problems are resolved by your local power company, sometimes the source of the problem can cause problems with your home electrical infrastructure. Educate yourself on how to protect your electrical system before a major storm to avoid incurring emergency electrical services bills.

Bad Weather and Emergency Electrical Repair Safety

Your home's electrical system will most likely survive thousands of bad weather scenarios over the course of your lifetime. Most of these storms will be minor, and probably won't do more than blow leaves and tree limbs down into your yard. However, one major storm passing through your area can cause damage to your electrical wiring, appliances, kitchen gadgets, wall outlets, and other electrically charged items around your house.

Emergency Electrical Repair Prevention

According to the Weather Channel, you should unplug your electrical devices such as computers, TVs, air conditioners, and all corded devices, such as toasters, blenders, etc. before a storm. The purpose of unplugging the units is to protect them from sudden power surges that could irreparably damage the machine. If the power goes out during a storm, you should also turn off your circuit breakers. Doing this will protect your electrical system from overloading, and consequently shorting out, once the power is restored to your home.

To safely turn off the electricity in your home, flip each individual breaker to major appliances off one by one. For example, you can flip the furnace breaker off, then wait a minute and turn the washer/dryer breaker to the off position. Continue this process until all of the branch circuit breakers are turned off. Then, switch the main breaker off. After you turn all of the breakers off, you must use a circuit tester to ensure that the power was indeed interrupted. If you do not do this important step, you or one of your family members can be subject to serious injury or death by electric shock.

Reasons to Call a 24/7 Emergency Electrical Services Company

After a storm, it is likely that your area will experience a power outage for several hours. However, if everyone around you regains power and you do not, it is wise to call a 24/7 emergency electrical services company as soon as possible. Since many electrical problems can cause immediate or delayed fire risks in your home, waiting to try to fix the emergency electrical repair problem on your own can endanger the life of everyone in your home.

WARNING: All electrical power systems pose a potential risk to health or of death. It is strongly recommended that any electrical problem or need should be managed by a professional electrician or power company technician. Under no circumstances should a consumer attempt to modify or repair damaged electrical equipment or wiring, or otherwise attempt electircal service work.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for only general informational purposes and is not to be considered professional advice or a how-to article for managing any electrical system problem. Users of this blog are advised to not undertake any work for which they lack proper professional training and experience.