Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spring Home Improvement Ideas

Spring Time Home Improvement Projects

Published on by: Mike Daniels

The weather is improving which means people often begin to think about home improvement projects that require a licensed electrician. These projects range from replacing high ceiling lights or upgrading interior light fixtures to installing outdoor accent or security lighting systems. If you’re planning such projects it makes sense to get an estimate on materials and electrical labor.

Indoor Electrical Projects

LED Lighting Upgrades

Changing your indoor lighting to energy efficient LED lighting and light bulbs is extremely popular. Besides showing your family and friends that you’re at the forefront of design, your largest benefit will be saving money on your electrical bills. LED lighting does cost more than traditional light bulbs however; in a matter of years you will recoup your investment and continue to save money.

LED lighting benefits include reducing energy costs by as much as 75%, reducing maintenance costs and brightness is usually greater and crisper than your current lighting.

Replacing Outdated Electrical Fixtures

When good weather arrives people naturally begin to invite friends and family to their home. Before the entertaining season begins home owners often change out old light fixtures, wall receptacles and switches. Another popular service is installing recessed lighting in existing ceilings or as part of a home remodeling project.

Replacing burned out light bulbs in recessed lighting is not always easy. Reaching fixtures in high ceilings, knowing what type of bulb to install and finding the time to do the work is a challenge for many home owners. The surest way to avoid injury and get the job done properly is to call an electrician. Besides replacing the light bulbs (lamps) an electrician can explain to you how light bulb selection can change the look of your room. Increasing or lowering the wattage, choosing between a spot or flood light and even using colored lights can add new visual appeal to your rooms.

Outdoor Electrical Projects

Security Lighting

Outdoor security lighting is never a bad idea, and in tough economic times crime goes up which means installing security lights in 2014 is a very good idea. Many of the outdoor security light fixtures we install have motion sensors. Motion sensors save electricity by allowing light only when you need it versus having a simple fixture that continually uses electricity. We can install simple two or three lamp fixtures for driveways and decks or full yard lighting systems. It’s worth mentioning here that we can also install gate controls and keyless entry systems.

Accent Lighting

Outdoor accent lighting can provide visual appeal in an otherwise dark yard where landscaping cannot be seen. Having accent lighting near doors and windows also provides a measure of security lighting. Many of our outdoor accent lighting projects include installing standard or colored lights at pool areas, in trees or landscaped areas as well as around the home. We can design and install a complete system including providing low voltage wiring, fixtures and controls.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your ideas, get a free estimate or schedule for the work to be done.