Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hiring An Atlanta Electrician

Atlanta Electrician Help Can Be Handy

Published on by: Mike Daniels

Hiring An Electrician Is A Good Idea

Home owners often get burdened with having to run back and forth to a hardware or home improvement store to buy the electrical parts and tools to do common home electrical projects. Hiring an electrician can be handy, and will assure a home owner that the work is done correctly and safely. In roughly half of the United States, a qualified, professional electrician is not required to be a Union member, thus you can hire a licensed, quality electrician without paying excessive labor costs.

Common Tasks Done By Elctricians

Current Demands is a licensed Atlanta Electrical Contractor

Some of the many projects that can easily be done by an electrician, and at a reasonable cost, include replacing switches and outlets, hanging ceiling fans and new light fixtures, installing security lighting, pulling computer network cabling, and troubleshooting mysterious home electrical problems. Other specialty services, which often baffle home owners, are installing low voltage systems for outdoor lighting and home automation. In non-union areas, such as Atlanta, the cost to hire a professional electrician can make it easy and affordable to do the electrical projects you have in mind.

Save Time and Money - Get Better Results

To compare the costs of do it yourself versus hiring an Atlanta electrician you have to look at the total cost of doing the project. Driving to your local home improvement store will cost you about $5 in gasoline, the full retail cost of the parts, about1-2 hours of time, and perhaps additional costs for tools, supplies or manuals. Additionally you may spend time on do it yourself websites, looking at Youtube videos, and then spend time to plan your project including making parts lists. Add in the time to do the work and you may find that what seemed like a small project actually took you 2-4 hours to do, and cost you the cash for the parts and supplies. How much is your time worth? You can call an electrician in Atlanta in five minutes, show them what to do in five minutes, and write a check in five minutes. No risk of injury, no risk of electrical fires or problems, and have time to do other activities.

Electrical Safety Concerns

Safety is another very real consideration in the decision making to hire an Atlanta electrician or do it yourself. A professionally installed electrical system is done after proper determination of circuits, breakers, wire sizes, and the appropriate switches, outlets and fixtures. Modifications to an electrical system, without adequate knowledge of electrical design, can result in overloaded circuits (which frequently trip breakers), undersized wiring which can cause fires and improperly installed boxes which mean crooked or loose fixtures, and possibly electrical fire hazards. It is worth mentioning that if you should have a house fire caused by electrical work that did not meet building codes, or was done without the proper Permits, it could be grounds for your homeowner’s insurance company to legally deny any claim for damages. All of these problems can be avoided by spending a small sum to hire a professional electrician.

Hiring A Professional Electrician

If you are planning a larger project such as a basement finish out or addition to your home, you definitely need to hire a professional electrician. Almost every job of this nature will require an electrical permit, and on-site inspections by your local building department inspectors. Any electrical work done without a Permit and inspection can become a serious problem when trying to sell your home. In the event of a house fire your insurance company has a right to not pay for damages if the fire was started by shoddy electrical work.

Hiring an electrician can indeed be very handy. Besides saving your precious personal time, you get peace of mind and a first rate job.


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