Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Home Electrical Innovations in 2013

Ways To Reduce Electrical Utility Bills

Published on by: Mike Daniels

Reduce Home Energy Costs Today!

As energy costs continue to skyrocket people are increasingly seeking new ways to reduce home energy costs. One of the first places to start is with your electrical system including fixtures, lighting and electrical controls.

Energy Efficient Home Lighting

When you're ready to take the plunge into using energy efficient home lighting alternatives, you might find yourself quickly overwhelmed. The wide variety of current energy efficient lighting for the home includes both immediate and long-term options that range from mere dollars, to tens of thousands of dollars in price. The key to finding the right mix of energy efficient home lighting is to consider how much you want to spend on the initial investment, how long you will live in your present home, and how much you can potentially save during the life of the home lighting device.

LED Lighting

According to Energy Star, LED lighting, or light-emitting diode lighting, works by casting light and heat in a specific direction. In contrast, fluorescent and incandescent light works by emitting light and heat in all directions. Therefore, LED light bulbs work more efficiently than other types of light bulbs, and are cool to the touch whereas other types of light bulbs can literally burn your skin when left on for several hours. LED lighting is also more durable and long-lasting than either incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs.

Timers and Dimmers

Dimmers are great tools for setting romantic moods, or allowing the whole family to better relax around the TV after a hard day at work or school. However, dimmers can also save on electricity costs during your family's rest and relaxation periods in the late afternoons and evenings. On the other hand, timers allow you to control when the lights in your home go on and off. For example, you can set timers to turn outdoor lights on at dusk and off at dawn. You can also set indoor lights to go off at your family's normal bedtime. Therefore, you save money by not having to worry about turning heavily-used lights on and off throughout the day and night.

Solar Tube Lighting

Solar tubes,unlike skylights, are installed on your roof down with a direct channel to the room you want to naturally light throughout the day. The clear dome on the top of the solar tube lighting captures sunlight during the day, and lights up your room with the free sunlight, instead of charge-by-the-kilowatt electricity. Solar tube lights are generally affordable, easy to install, and can even transmit small amounts of light during cloudy days. Solar tube lighting can help you significantly cut down on daytime energy costs, as you will only need to use the regular lighting in the room once the sun goes down.

Solar Energy Panels

In contrast to solar tube lighting, solar energy panels are quite pricey to install in your home. However, you can get up to 80 percent off of the total price given back to you in federal and state tax rebates. You can also slash your monthly energy costs by up to 50 to 90 percent by having solar energy panels installed along the roof of your entire home. Solar panels are also very easy to maintain, as most owners report only having to clean them of dirt, tree leaves and branches, and other types of fallen debris just once a year.


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